save my marriage

The Principles of A Good Marriage Will Help You Know How To Save A Marriage

If trying to find the key on how to save a marriage is bugging you, here’s a little secret: Don’t worry about the statistics on divorce. You are not going to be a part of that because the foundations and principles of a good, satisfying marriage is here for you to ponder and adopt in your life. You can save your marriage and start right here, right now but it has to start with the intensity of your desire to keep your marriage intact. In the first place, divorce or separation should not be Read more [...]
save my marriage

The Risks Of Divorce & How To Avoid Them To Save Your Marriage

There are signs, obvious or not, that you either feel instinctively or see point blank that serve as a precursor to divorce. If you love being marriage and love your spouse, you can save your marriage by knowing what these risk factors are. Armed with valuable information like these, it would be easier to sidestep a divorce and reverse the trend before it gets worse. According to research done by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the rate of divorce has climbed steeply since the 1960s up Read more [...]
save my marriage

Saving Marriage Tips after an Affair

Current research indicates that over 30% of marriages end due to infidelity issues. Although some are able to survive and become stronger, the vast marriages where one or more spouses cheat; have a difficult time getting back to the level of intimacy they once had before the affair. If you or someone you love, is experiencing a heartbreaking case of infidelity, we understand your pain. We too have witnessed how painful affairs here are some proven saving marriage tips after an affair:   Saving Read more [...]
save my marriage

Saving a Marriage Tips

All marriages have their own problems and challenges. There are problems that can be considered inconsequential while others can become a big problem as time passes by. Currently marriages don’t seem to last as long as they used to ages ago. Every now and then we see couples and newly- weds involved in endless court cases that eventually lead to divorce. How Can a Marriage Be Saved? When a situation gets out of hand, and couples can no longer agree on anything, filing for a divorce is never the Read more [...]
save my marriage

Making Marriage Work and Avoiding the Quick Fix Solutions

Marriages today have a shorter lifespan than they had a  few years  ago some  people  have suggested that this is caused by the fast paced  way  of life  today , others say it is because  people  have become more  materialistic  while for others couples  today are not spending enough time  getting  to know each other whatever  the case  we  are all in agreement that  divorce is on the increase . Many people don’t   want to end up in failed marriages thereforethey search for   Read more [...]
Signs Wife is Cheating

7 Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Do you have a feeling that something is not right with your wife but you cannot figure out what it is? Then you are in the right place. In this article you are going to learn several signs that your wife is cheating. Many men always underestimate women willingness to stray but the truth is that, women can cheat just like men. It is therefore important to pay attention to all the signs discussed in this article. Here are seven signs your wife is cheating.  1. If she is no longer in need of your Read more [...]
Avoiding divorce

Tips for Avoiding Divorce and Making Your Relationship Better

Good marriages are made. You cannot get them from a romance novel nor can they just fall from heaven. We all want to have a lovely family since nobody would want to have a marriage that ends in a lawyer’s office. And since divorce is always unexpected, there are things you can do to avoid a possible break up. As a person who has seen it all, am here to share with you the common reasons for divorce and how to stop them from happening to you. Here are tips for avoiding divorce that can help you build Read more [...]

How to Get Your Man to Commit

Today’s wives whose marriages are heading rock bottom usually approach their husbands with one language, “let’s try save our marriage”. They think that in the marriage, both partners are equally responsible to making it better. But truth be told, most husbands would much rather disconnect than commit to saving their marriages. The wives become frustrated as they don’t understand why their husbands won’t want to do their part to save the marriage without being “pushed”.   To spare Read more [...]
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